Hout Bay Seal Snorkeling
Seal Snorkeling Cape Town
Seal snorkeling Cape Town


Hout Bay (Afrikaans: Houtbaai, meaning "Wood Bay") is a lively coastal town 20km from Cape Town central known for its scenic views, the best fish and chips and the neighbourhood's most loved market.

From here we will take you to Duiker Island, home to 10 000 fur seals, where we will observe and swim with these friendly creatures in their natural habitat.


The Cape Fur Seal (also known as the brown fur seal / African fur seal) is the largest and strongest fur seal weighing between 100 - 300kg. 

They are very friendly and curious in the water and enjoy human interaction. They are known as the puppies of the sea.


Snorkeling is a great way to observe our beautiful underwater life without all the extensive training and complicated equipment required for scuba diving.

We will provide the wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins as well as a short training session to make sure you are comfortable with the mask and snorkel.